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About the Team

At Covertek we are a team working together to achieve our goal.  We always make sure to network with the best businesses and individuals in our industry in order to ensure every project is done at a competitive rate while upholding top quality standards.

"Coming together was a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

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Mornè Franken

Founder and Project Manager

Mornè brings more than 15-years of industry experience to the Covertek team.  He oversees operations and project execution, and works hard to produce a healthy and growing business.

Mornè embraces opportunities to meet new clients, and offers (considered the best) detailed roof reports and obligation free quotations.

Friends, family and clients describe him as a positive person with integrity who is loyal, hardworking, dedicated and self-disciplined.  

The Covertek Team

Site Managers, Contracted workers, Roofers, Administration, etc.

Over time we have connected with trustworthy, loyal and hard-working individuals whom we are invested in.  They are priceless to our business ensuring successful delivery and quality workmanship.

With a strong set of skills, Tilana oversees our office operations and administration.  Working only after hours she also commits herself to establishing the Covertek brand.

Trade Experts

Engineer, Inspector, Financial, etc.

We regularly engage with trusted trade experts sharing our core values and passion.  We consider these professionals part of our team.

We are a team of problem-solvers and relationship-builders with a passion for success. 


Interested in speaking with one of our team members?

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